At Little B Baby Clinic, we aim to offer an expert, evidence-based, and compassionate health service for families with very young children. We appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of each family unit and fully understand that there are no ‘one size fits all’ approaches to infant care. We endeavour to empower families to achieve their goals, and provide alternative suggestions and support where those goals turn out to be difficult to achieve.

We support attachment-based parenting practices, including safe co-sleeping when needed (utilising the guidelines on the Red Nose website), feeding to sleep, and use of infant carrier devices. We do not support ‘cry-it-out’, ‘extinction’, or other methods of ‘sleep training’. Our advice aligns with the latest neuroscience, which endorses flexible and cue-based feeding and sleep approaches.

We advocate for breastfeeding as the ideal feeding method for all infants, and encourage families to aim to meet the minimum World Health Organisation recommendations of offering breastmilk for at least the first 2 years of life. We fully understand, however, that breastfeeding is not always possible for a wide range of reasons, and will happily support families in their mixed feeding and formula feeding journeys as well.

As registered health professionals, we are committed to continuous professional development, and will continuously seek out the latest evidence to guide our advice. We welcome feedback from our patients, our colleagues, and the wider community in order to grow and develop a service which truly meets the needs of those we endeavour to serve.

Finally, whilst we would love to be able to offer a free service, this is not possible in a private medical service, especially as Medicare does not offer rebates for lactation consultant appointments. We will, however, always be upfront about our fees, and aim to keep our prices as reasonable as possible without compromising the quality of our service.