The Little B Baby Clinic provides expert support for families with children under 2 years of age, who are experiencing issues with breast or bottle feeding, other swallowing or feeding problems, disrupted sleep, excessive crying, suspected tongue ties, reflux, colic, possible food intolerances, growth issues, other medical concerns, developmental delays, and more. Appointments can also be made prior to baby’s birth for education and advice on all things newborn! 

At the time of booking, families will be asked for a general indication as to the issues needing to be addressed, to ensure timely and appropriate appointment allocation where possible. All infants will require a GP referral (addressed to Dr Smith, in BABY’S name) to be eligible for a Medicare rebate (not applicable for antenatal education visits) regardless of which practitioner the family sees – all visits with Rachel Rivers (Lactation Consultant) and Amy Hallewell (Speech Pathologist) will involve a quick, bulk billed chat with Dr Smith to ensure families receive the highest possible level of quality and comprehensive healthcare from our team.

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